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Www datingimproved com

When looking for a prospective date, photos that were blurry, poorly composed, badly exposed or weirdly cropped put me off.

Especially those that showed a disembodied arm over the woman’s shoulder, the body to which it was originally attached carefully erased. Many websites have amateurish photos, obviously taken by a staff member. Invest the money on quality images and you’ll be rewarded.

Remember, people tend to scan when they read online.

He specialises in writing investment prospectuses for the financial services & superannuation industries.Prior to joining IDEO, Amy served as a strategy consultant for Marakon Associates in London and a digital designer for Hewlett-Packard in the Silicon Valley.She also worked as a product designer and marketeer in four technology startups in Silicon Valley and London.You need to write a headline that shouts out, ‘Read me, I’m worth the time’.If your headline doesn’t capture attention, your body copy won’t be read.

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A simple statement like ‘Message me and I’ll write back and tell you more’ is effective. You can do the same on your website by having a call to action on every webpage. However, online publishing is evolving and so must we.

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