Radiometric age dating half life dating a woman who has been abused

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Radiometric age dating half life

If you’ve ever wondered why gasoline should be “unleaded”: that’s why.

This is the beauty of fundamental research: you never know what you’ll find when you start poking around.

First, that radioactive isotopes have a fixed half-life (totally independent of their environment).Fortunately, the stuff ancient civilization leave lying around tend to be found in clumps called “middens”.A less sophisticated word for midden is “pile of garbage and often poo”.And second, that the elements they were before and after the radioactive decay have different chemical properties. If an atom doesn’t interact chemically in the right way, then it won’t be incorporated into a forming crystal.As water freezes and each molecule falls into place, atoms that don’t fit in the forming ice crystal are excluded. For example, zircon (a crystal) is perfectly happy to incorporate uranium, but excludes lead.

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Since carbon-14 has a half-life on the order of thousands of years, it’s useful for figuring out the age of organic materials that have been independent of the atmosphere for thousands of years. That’s not great: once everything on Earth is peppered with lead, it’s difficult for scientists to do their science.

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