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He went to a small college on a wrestling scholarship and wrestled all four years there and graduated with a degree in business administration.

We remained close even though at different colleges by daily texts, weekly phone calls, and constantly doing things together during breaks.

I'm the same size now as in college, and work as a construction supervisor for large building projects.

I love doing physical labor in addition to using my brain, and I find it both intimidating and morale-boosting when my virtually all male crews know that I'm stronger than almost all of them and not afraid to get my hands dirty.

At the start of this tale, Melissa Minton was my wife of five years; we married a year after we graduated from college.

She didn't take my name when we got married, which was no big deal to me since I felt that I was marrying above myself in at least the looks department.

Drake-Lee - who has worked in real estate and the art world as well as managing her husband's career — was Williams' rock and the main breadwinner until the actor scored a role on 'Grey’s Anatomy' (above) in 2009'He said he "was afraid for his life," that the other driver (Williams) said, "he would kill him", and that he claimed to feel "threatened and afraid",' she said in the documents.

My freshmen year at State, however, I grew three inches and gained twenty five pounds so I no longer had any realistic possibility of wrestling light heavyweight in college (the college light heavyweight maximum weight is 197 pounds, only three pounds more than in High School and I even had trouble making weight in High School when I was naturally twenty five pounds lighter).

Melissa is a big, strong-willed, independent, smart, successful woman who is sexy as hell and knows it. James "Jimmy" Walters was my best friend from High School, the same age as I am.

He was state runner-up in wrestling at 165 pounds his senior year.

And in the latest court filing, obtained by Daily, Drake-Lee claims the actor's multiple girlfriends and fits of rage are affecting the emotional well-being of their offspring.

Drake-Lee lists a slew of reasons why she believes she should have sole custody of the children after their 14-year relationship broke down.

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She even cited a reported road rage incident that she says happened on July 18.